Need a title for my comics!

Hello my friends, Hope you are doing well!

I’m thinking about a name for my comics lately, need your help of picking the right one:

The Messycow Comics

The Messycow


This is going to be the title of my facebook page and other pages of my comics. I can’t decide which one is the most memorable and clear title, that also makes sense to English readers.

Messycow is my first World of Warcraft character ( a toren, you must’ve guessed). I made a comic about her stories and it was very popular in China and the US among the WOW players. You might enjoy reading it ( because it’s fun. Anyway, Please tell me which one is the best name, many thanks!messycowhead

What a Night

Watching the live show of the election, the final result will come out soon. No matter what will happen, half of the American people will be very sad tonight( and for a while maybe). But remember, we have way more in common with people in our lives than with our candidate disregarding our political views, don’t let this turn us against each other. United we stand, divided we fall.

Change your clock everybody! :)

I don’t do well with jet lag 😛

Ok I’m joking, I can deal with it. It’s hard on kids tho especially when they have regular routines. When they were babies they were on routines that are accurate to the hour, now it’s bedtime and school, etc. and we need to help them adjust.

When I was young we had daylight saving time in China, it was canceled after they found it didn’t work. I’m pretty happy not need to adjust my clocks twice a year. What does daylight saving time affect your life?